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rubber devulcanization technology

This devulcanization technology  has been developed for a series of different compounds, among them NR, SBR, EPDM, IR, FKM and it's the only continuous process which has significant advantages compared to the batch-type production.

It is industrially proven and process stable. The manufacturing equipment requires reduced floor space compared to other technologies and might be highly automated with minimum manpower for handling and supervision. The production process needs the rubber scrap to be grinded and volumetric fed; sizes and volumes depend on the machine size which varies based on the production volume required.

The machines perform a thermo-mechanical devulcanization based on co-rotating twin-screw extruders with a high grade of customization, including screw geometry for most appropriate performance according to the processed compound.

The extruders are built with openable cylinder for quick screw geometry adjustment as well as cleaning in case of compound change, ensuring highest flexibility of use. Dedicated multiple degassing zones and the predisposition for inlets make these machines extremely versatile.

Rubber crumb feeding by volumetric dosing system and cooling tank for product handling complete the supply of full production systems.

Machines available for a production volume between 30 and 1000 kg/h. System productivity is depending on the polymer processed.


rubber devulcanization technology - RKN